My Coffee Story

Once upon a time, not too long ago, I was a Free Coffee man with no plan nor intention of becoming a coffee man. I used to laugh at people that drink the thing because it is not my type. I guess that’s when coffee started to target me. It too has a feeling and an aroma that can be overwhelming. 


The Coffee Man's corner

Feel our warm and cozy atmosphere, where everybody can find aromatic sort of coffee and try our delicious desserts, perfectly coupled with hot coffee. Our stylish interior and friendly staff will make your day!
There are more than 100 sorts of high-class coffee in our menu! Freshly ground beans in a small cup will empower you with great mood and thoughts, inspiring you for the whole day.

Here, at Coffeegato, you are able to taste the most magnificent coffee ever! Our barista will make our special beverages, so you could feel the best coffee taste. Welcome to Coffeegato to have your cup of coffee!


Our Special

Discover your special morning cup of coffee here in my backyard OASIS!

We will offer you aromatic blend of arabica and orient spices.If you love coffee as much as we do, you should definitely visit us and have your cup of coffee! Here, at Coffeegato, you will find the best fresh-roast coffee, brewed and made with love. We will add some spices, milk and other secret ingredients to make your day perfect with us!


Happy Customers

people love our coffees!


Our Favorite videos

A special morning moment

Coffeegato is a place for your perfect time over a cup of fragrant coffee.