First Chuukese Washington Women Association

Kich fin chuuk

We are a team of Chuukese women working together to address the challenges and needs facing our Chuukese communities in the state of Washington. We hope to serve as an inspiration to the young Chuukese women to adapt and strive to do better.

Why we do this?

To help

In this challenging times, we need each other even more to help in whatever capacity we can. If you have a need that can be addressed by our volunteers, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We will make time for you.

Chuukese for Chuukese

We know our people better and connect way better than anyone else. We are Chuukese and we speak and live the Chuukese lifeways. We will do our best to serve our communities the way they deserved to be treated, with fairness and integrity.

Tipeew, Ekichu, Angechu

We live by our Chuukese values and principles where we treat elders with the utmost respect and the young as future leaders of our community. We work together, brainstorming together, and do it together for the betterment of our society.

Chuukese Fairo

Fairo means respect in Chuukese and our organization hopes to instill it in every member of our Chuukese community. We must dedicate ourselves to teach and live by this standard.


The First Chuukese Washington Women Association’s mission is to serve as an advocacy and resource center for and by Chuukese women in the state of Washington.

We will strive to advocate for fairness and equality in Education, Health, Housing, and other social programs for our community.

We will live by the Chuukese cultural values of Ekichu, Tipechu and Angechu to ensure continuation of Chuukese traditions in our daily lives.

We will serve as a beacon to our Chuukese community to always strive for the best and to live by the laws and regulations of our host country.



P. O. Box 23774, Federal Way, WA 98093